Shoppers were surprised to see chart topping Olly Murs making a supermarket sweep in Braintree.

The pop sensation was spotted by excited fans in Marks Farm Tesco on Sunday afternoon.

Four-year-old fan Vinnie Whitehouse came over all shy when meeting the X Factor star with his mum Joanne.

She said: “I always joked with my husband that we would bump into Olly one day as he is only down the road, and he always said it would never happen.

“When Olly had paid for his food we asked him for a picture.

“He was really good and a really nice bloke and didn’t mind having a picture.

“By the end all the staff were talking to him and having pictures.”

The 32-year-old, of The Street, Bradwell, said even though he was probably in a bit of a rush and only buying a few bits he stopped for pictures and autographs with lots of people