Rainbows are desperately hoping volunteers will come forward to save their club from closure.

Two rainbow units in Rayne are unlikely to reopen in the New Year unless new leaders can be found to keep them going.

Each unit needs two leaders but there are not enough in Rayne, meaning it might not be possible to keep even one of the units.

Both Rainbow units held their last meeting before Christmas but uncertainty over whether there will more in the new year remains.

Margaret Surrey, division commissioner for Braintree girlguiding, said: “We are desperately looking for leaders to take over Rayne.

“If we don’t find them two units will close and between 15 to 20 girls will not be able to carry on at rainbows.

“The girls do love it and the problem is Rayne is usually oversubscribed and we always have more girls than we have got places for, its a shame.

“They are very upset.

“It is something that the girls can go to and it is the first step in their guiding life.

“I think in a village once you start losing groups it is very sad because everyone has to go out of the village, it is about being part of the community.”

She said her guiding experience had helped in other aspects of her life such as in her job.

Full training is provided and the main thing needed from volunteers is that they are fun loving and sensible.

For more information visit girlguidingessexne.org.uk