Fundraisers hosted a 24 hour dart marathon in memory of their friend who died at the age of 33.

The group held the event at the Cressing Sports and Social Club in Jeffries Road, between 9am on Saturday and the following morning in memory of Andy Vince, who died in 2002, after battling Motor Neurone Disease.

Pete Hayden, his son Rhys and nephew Sam took on the challenge with Stu Mortimer and Tim and Maff Franklin- whose dad has just been diagnosed with the disease.

Mr Hayden said: “We lost our good friend Andy Vince to MND 10 years ago on 16th December 2002, aged just 33.

“Watching a fit healthy man in the prime of his life, literally wasting away in a matter of a few months is something I shall never forget.

“It was just nice to remember him and there were lots of family and friends, it was an important landmark.”

The group had aimed to raise £501 but believe they might have trebled the target.