A location for a breast screening unit in Braintree has not yet been found.

The Chelmsford and Colchester NHS Breast Screening Service wants to a central location within Braintree district to base its unit.

It is currently sited in the car park of the Co-op Solar superstore in Weavers Court, Halstead.

A suitable venue has not yet been found, but Colchester Hospital University NHS Foundation Trust remains hopeful of finding a location.

Braintree Council leader Graham Butland said: “The NHS wish to have one central place in each district and in our case that happens to be in Braintree.

“We would not want to have a situation where certain people in the district are disadvantaged.”

A district councillor has raised concerns about moving the unit away from the Halstead area.

Julia Allen, councillor for Halstead St Andrews, said: “I feel it would be tragic for Halstead if that is what they are going to do. It has probably been here for 25 years serving people in Halstead and surrounding villages."

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