Witham's carol service will return to normal after concerns over lack of bible readings.

The service will be held around the Christmas Tree in Newland Street at 7.30pm on December 12 and will revert to the usual programme of including bible readings.

Last year the service was altered and some clergy members of local churches raised concerns.

Speaking at last week’s Witham Town Council community committee town councillor John Goodman said: “One of the clergyman was a little concerned that the service contained no bible readings.

“It was raised by The Rev Simon Garwood that one of the members believed no bible readings is not a true reflection of Christmas.”

Clergy members have already met with Witham Town Council.

The Rev Garwood said: “Up until last year there has always been bible readings.

“I personally have no objections to non Bible concerts.

“But if it is going to be a carol service, which is what it was called, it means there is a religious element included, the Christmas story as people understood it.

“Therefore it is very important because to use the quote ‘its the reason for the season’ that is why we do what we do.”