Terry Bell reports Holloway Crescent and Holloway Close: The clerk read an e-mail from Uttlesford Council giving an update.

Uttlesford Council had held meetings with all residents of Holloway Close and some had highlighted reservations. Additional consultations would be made before any redevelopment.

A consultation drop-in event was well attended with more than 150 people visiting.

Plans were displayed and views sought, and feelings were strong, particularly against the redevelopment of Holloway Close, and feedback was sought for the proposals on forms provided.

Other main concerns were the increase in traffic, availability of parking for the new properties and the lack of parking for residents.

Relevant traffic concerns will be pursued with highways and provision of additional off-street parking will be explored.

A discussion followed with the Holloway Crescent and Close Concern Group, and parish councillors supported the group and backed its concern regarding the lack of support given to them by the local councillor.

It was decided to put this in writing in a letter addressed to the group.

Swan Housing is the appointed developer, and the clerk is to request details of the two other companies who bid for this development.

Speed reduction signs: The clerk reported a sign should be put on the Stortford Road and a further sign will be put up on the Dunmow Road when a post had been installed.

Chalks Green: The clerk had spoken to Mrs Golding and she is to organise the cutting of the green. The parish council would contribute £150 towards this.

Hedge cutting: The hedge between the village hall and Holloway Crescent had not been cut. The clerk is to contact Uttlesford Council again.

Affordable housing: The clerk had spoken to highways regarding the request to extend the speed limit further on the Dunmow Road as at present the development is only just within the limit. Highways will request permission from Essex Police.

Footpaths: Phil Sutterby reported that, due to the harvest season, footpaths are now clearer and easier to walk.

He reported byway 17, between Meghills on the Chelmsford Road and the High Easter Road, had been hardcored.

Any other business: A letter from Leaden Roding parochial church council requested the parish council pay £884.12 for the church insurance this year.

After discussion, it was decided to pay a contribution of £800. It was agreed this sum would be an annual contribution.

It was decided to request again for the village Christmas tree to be put on the grass in front of the fire station.

The chairman had spoken to a marshall at a cycle event in the village about a sign which was obstructing pedestrians.

He had received a letter from the eastern region of the British Cycling Club assuring him the event was run with Essex Police permission, under highways regulations, and no rules were broken.

The clerk is to find out if planning permission was needed for the police helicopter signs put in the village.

The sign pointing to Dunmow, opposite the shop, is loose and the clerk is to report this to highways.

Highways is to be told the hedges in the Dunmow and Chelmsford Roads needed cutting and the bollard outside the shop needed to be reinstalled.

The clerk is to report to Stansted Airport that there seems to be lower aircraft and increased aircraft noise at times in the village.

The chairman expressed his concern that grass cuttings had been dumped on the grass opposite the shop and a car has been placed there with a For Sale notice on it. The clerk is to report this to highways.

Next meeting: November 4.